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As dental professionals, our primary goal is to save natural teeth. There are instances, however, when an extraction is the best course of action. If this is the case in your situation, we will make the process quick and virtually painless.

What Do Dentists Charge for a Tooth Extraction?

Typically, your tooth extraction cost depends on whether you need a dental or surgical extraction, the tooth’s location and condition, and whether you have dental insurance coverage for extractions. We accept most major dental insurance plans. If you call our office and request an appointment, our dentist can tell you how much your extraction will cost after an examination.

What Is an Oral Surgery Tooth Extraction?

Patients need surgical tooth extractions when they have a tooth that hasn’t erupted yet so it’s harder to access. A dentist or oral surgeon will make a small incision to reach the tooth, which is usually covered by gum tissue. Your dentist will then use stitches to close the site. Surgical tooth extractions take longer to heal than simple dental extractions.

When Would I Have No Other Option Than Getting a Tooth Pulled?

Extreme decay, infection, trauma, or damage from periodontal disease can make a tooth unrestorable. We won’t recommend extraction if you have any other option which could preserve the tooth. Our dentist will discuss your choices for replacing the tooth so your remaining teeth do not drift.

Will a Dentist Pull a Badly Decayed, Fractured or Broken Tooth?

If you have a badly damaged or decayed tooth, please call our office for an appointment. Our dentist will see if he or she can save the tooth, but if not, you can have the tooth pulled. Having your tooth pulled will relieve your pain and make way for a replacement tooth.

Do Dentists Offer Baby Tooth Extractions?

Dentists will pull baby teeth in certain circumstances. If your child has an adult tooth emerging and the baby tooth refuses to fall out on its own, our dentist will pull the tooth. Our dentist will also pull painful teeth with too much decay or damage, or a tooth with an infection that is causing your child pain. If you have a small child who needs an extraction, please contact our office to make an appointment. Our dentist is gentle and patient.

Will I Need an Extraction If I Have Advanced Periodontal Disease and My Teeth Are Loose?

Our dentist can pull a tooth which is loose and uncomfortable if you have gum disease which destroyed the support structure. It’s better to have a dentist pull the tooth rather than risk infection by pulling it yourself.

Why Do Dentists Pull Wisdom Teeth?

Dentists perform wisdom teeth extractions to relieve pain when the teeth can’t emerge from the gum line or you are in pain from them growing in at an angle and pressing up against your other teeth. This can cause a gum infection or slowly expanding cysts which can impact your jawbone.

At one time, humans needed wisdom teeth, a third set of molars, to chew their coarse diet, but we’ve evolved beyond needing them. By the time the wisdom teeth appear between the ages of 17 and 25, most of us don’t have room for them to erupt normally as our jaws are smaller than our ancestors.

Do Dentists Offer Tooth Extractions for Overcrowding?

When your teeth are crowded, they grow in crooked. To relieve overcrowding and prepare patients of all ages for braces, our dentist offers extractions.

What Are the Tooth Removal Aftercare Instructions?

It’s essential you don’t rinse your mouth, smoke, drink from a straw or do anything else which might dislodge the blood clot forming at the extraction site for several days after your procedure. Your dentist will explain how to deal with any swelling or minor discomfort afterward. When you leave our office after your extraction, you’ll have a list of instructions which includes what you can eat (soft foods) and what to avoid for a few days until the site begins to heal. Following the instructions will help you heal quickly.

How Long Should I Expect Tooth Extraction Healing to Take?

If you have a simple extraction, it should take seven to 10 days to heal. The larger the hole left by the missing tooth, the longer it takes to heal, so if you have a molar extracted, the site will take longer to heal than if you had a front tooth extracted. Sleeping with your head elevated during the first week promotes faster healing. Surgical extractions take longer to heal.

If you have a decayed, damaged or infected tooth and need an affordable tooth extraction in Vienna, please contact our dental office at (703) 935-2825 to schedule an appointment.

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