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Protect Your Family’s Oral Health With Affordable Dental Exams and Teeth Cleaning in Vienna

Has it been so long since your last dental cleaning or exam that you are embarrassed to go to the dentist? Do you need a trusted dentist that can address the dental needs of your entire family? Our dentist and staff are ready to provide the treatment you need in a comfortable, non-judgmental atmosphere. From comprehensive exams and oral cancer screenings to advanced treatments for all stages of periodontal disease, we offer a full range of dental services and therapies. Make today the day that you reclaim your oral health by scheduling an appointment with one of our experienced dentists.

What Can I Expect During a Dental Exam and Teeth Cleaning?

Regular comprehensive dental exams are the foundation of good oral health. The goal of getting a dental exam in Vienna is to identify oral health concerns before they become major issues. During the exam, our dentist will carefully inspect your teeth, gums, and oral cavity for a number of issues, including:

  • Periodontal disease
  • Dental decay and infection
  • Bone loss
  • Oral cancer
  • Teeth grinding

We believe that quality dental care involves developing long-term relationships with our patients. This enables us to create personalized treatment plans based on each patient’s unique dental history and risk factors. Call today to find out more about our full range of dental services.

Who Should Consider a Professional Dental Exam and Gum Disease Treatment?

Anyone with teeth needs professional dental care, which includes a regular dental exam and cleaning. Whenever we eat or drink, a sticky film containing bacteria known as plaque develops on our teeth. If not removed by brushing and flossing on a daily basis, the film eventually hardens into calculus, which can attack the tooth enamel and cause cavities. A professional cleaning is the only way to remove hardened calculus from around the teeth and gums.

If not treated, the bacteria in plaque can even get below the gumline and cause gum disease. The earliest stage of gum disease is known as gingivitis and is characterized by red, swollen, sensitive gums that may bleed when brushing or flossing. As the disease attacks the bone and ligaments that support the teeth, the teeth may start to shift or even fall out. If you suffer from advanced gum disease, our dentist can recommend periodontal treatment to protect and preserve the health of your teeth and gums.

What Treatment Options to You Offer for Chronic Bad Breath?

Everyone has experienced bad breath after eating onions, garlic, or other pungent foods. Unfortunately, approximately 25% of Americans suffer from chronic bad breath, known as halitosis. The most common causes of halitosis are poor oral hygiene and serious oral health issues, such as decay or infection. Our dentists can help you find a treatment to tame chronic bad breath, including:

  • At-home oral hygiene tips
  • Professional cleanings
  • Specialized rinses and other treatments
  • What Does an Oral Cancer Screening Involve?

Screening for oral cancer is a painless and noninvasive procedure in which the dentist inspects the inside and structures of the mouth for lumps, lesions, or other suspicious abnormalities. If diagnosed early, most oral cancers can be easily treated so that they do not spread to other parts of the body. Our dentists perform basic oral cancer screenings as part of every exam. We also recommend screenings for everyone over the age of 18. Your dentist may recommend more frequent screenings if you have certain risk factors, such as tobacco use or frequent alcohol consumption. Call today to find out more about our cancer screening services.

Are Your Exams and Cleanings Expensive?

We strive to keep our dental services as affordable as possible. However, the final cost of your treatment depends on a number of different factors, such as the type and severity of your dental issue. We will discuss cost in more detail once you and your dentist have decided on a treatment plan. We accept a number of different insurance plans, and we will work with your insurer to find a treatment option that maximizes your coverage. We advise patients to speak with their insurer before scheduling their appointment and ask any questions they may have regarding their plan’s benefits and limitations. If you need help managing out-of-pocket expenses, you may also qualify for one of our convenient payment plans.

Where Can I Find a Dentist for a Dental Exam in Vienna?

Our dentists are dedicated to helping patients enjoy the best possible oral health. If you are feeling less than confident in your smile, our trusted dentist can help you find the right combination of services to create a smile that you will be proud of. For cleanings, exams, periodontal disease treatment, and other services, call today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced dental professionals.

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