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Everything You Need to Know About Root Canals in Falls Church

At our dental practice, we offer proven solutions for patients who need a root canal in Falls Church. We work with you and your family to provide the right support for your dental care needs, general dentistry requirements, all the while delivering the best possible options for you. If you are currently experiencing pain or an inability to bite down comfortably, we will diagnose your issue and will let you know if a root canal is the right solution for your needs.

Understanding Root Canals

Root canals are usually recommended for patients who have experienced injury, trauma or infection in the roots of one or more teeth. These events can cause swelling and inflammation that can put pressure on nerves, causing severe pain to the victim of these conditions. A root canal dentist will evaluate the condition of your tooth and will perform the necessary surgical procedures to relieve pain, release pressure and restore your tooth to its former functionality.

How Do You Know You Need a Root Canal?

Pain is the most commonly reported symptom for patients needing root canals. The infection inside the gums typically puts significant pressure on nerve endings, causing pain and discomfort. Other signs that you may need immediate help include the following:

  • A foul odor or taste from one part of your mouth
  • Severe pain when biting or chewing
  • Persistent throbbing pain from one area of the gums or jaw
  • Swelling of the area around the tooth
  • Significant cavities and visible tooth discoloration
  • Sensitivity to pressure or too hot and cold temperatures

By consulting with our dental team as soon as you notice any of these symptoms, you can avoid suffering through an abscess or infection and can obtain the fastest relief and restoration of your normal bite. If the swelling or inflammation is severe, your dentist may recommend a round or two of antibiotics to reduce the risk of spreading infection. This can help you feel more comfortable and confident throughout the process.

What Kind of Dentist Performs Root Canals?

Endodontists specialize in the treatment of the roots of the tooth and focus on improving the structural integrity of teeth. This allows them to perform advanced root canals and other complicated procedures, making sure to put your dental health and wellbeing first. General dentists can also perform root canals, especially in uncomplicated cases. At our dental practice, our team can perform most root canals and can refer you to a specialist if the situation merits it.

Understanding the Root Canal Procedure

In general, your dentist will follow a certain set of steps when providing root canals for his or her patients. The first step is deciding whether you need local numbing or whether general anesthesia is more appropriate for your needs. In many cases, general anesthesia may be recommended to help you relax more fully and to eliminate any pain during your procedure. The tooth will then be isolated to reduce the risk of infection.

After that, your dentist will drill into the crown of your tooth to make an opening large enough to remove the pulp, root endings and nerves from the inside of the tooth. This will eliminate pain and prevent future infections from affecting the roots of your teeth. After shaping the canals, your dentist will then fill them with a rubbery material that is called gutta-percha. The tooth will be sealed with a root canal crown to provide a solid cap for biting and chewing.

How Much Should a Root Canal Cost?

Our team will evaluate the condition of your tooth and will provide you with an accurate estimate of the cost of your root canal. We will work with your insurance company to make sure that as much of your costs as possible are covered by your dental plan. We are committed to keeping your costs low and to promoting the best possible outcomes for you and your family from a dental and a financial standpoint.

What Types of Root Canals Do Patients Get?

Along with standard root canals, our dental team can also provide a number of other dental root canal options designed to suit your needs. Apicoectomy procedures are performed when previous root canals have failed to control inflammation, infection and pain for patients. For younger patients, pediatric pulpotomy procedures remove the infected or injured pulp of the tooth while leaving the nerve in place to allow for more normal development of teeth after these procedures.

Getting Ready for Your Dental Root Canal Treatment

At our dental practice, we are committed to taking the stress and worry out of root canals in our area. We work with you to determine the most appropriate solutions for all your current and future dental care needs. Give us a call today to request rapid dental care or to make an appointment for a regular checkup. At our dental office, we are committed to serving you.

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