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Teeth extractions are a common procedure. While our dentist would prefer to save teeth, sometimes having a tooth pulled is necessary. You may not want to hear you need a tooth extracted, but the procedure is relatively painless and fast. If you have no other option, our dentist will pull the tooth quickly after numbing the area so you won’t feel any pain.

What Does It Cost to Have a Tooth Pulled?

Your tooth extraction cost depends on the difficulty of the extraction, your anesthesia or sedation selection, and whether the tooth is impacted or if only a simple dental extraction is necessary. Please call for an appointment and our dentist will let you know your cost after examining your tooth.

How Are Surgical Extractions Different From Dental Extractions?

Dental, or simple, extractions are performed when the tooth has emerged from the gum line and a dentist can use forceps to remove it. With a surgical extraction, an oral surgeon has to cut into the gum to reach the tooth because it hasn’t emerged or has only partially emerged. Surgical extractions take longer to heal as you need stitches to close the extraction site.

When Would a Dentist Have to Pull a Permanent Adult Tooth?

If a tooth is badly infected, your teeth are severely crowded, or you’ve damaged a tooth beyond repair, our dentist can pull the tooth to relieve your pain and make room for a restoration. We don’t pull teeth unless we’ve explored other options and have found them to be infeasible.

Can I Have Severely Cracked, Broken or Decayed Teeth Pulled at a Dentist’s Office?

Yes, if our dentist can’t repair the damage or decay, he or she will suggest tooth removal. Once the tooth is removed and the extraction site heals, you can replace the tooth with an implant or a dental bridge.

Why Would a Dentist Pull a Baby Tooth?

If your child’s baby tooth won’t fall out after weeks of it being loose from the adult tooth pushing on it, our dentist can pull the tooth. You can wiggle the tooth to help it along, but pulling it out yourself can lead to infection. Our dentist will also suggest a tooth extraction if your child has a badly decayed tooth causing him or her pain. It doesn’t always make sense to repair a badly decayed baby tooth if it’s due to fall out soon anyway.

Can a Dentist Remove Teeth Loosened By Periodontal Disease?

Our dentist will perform a tooth extraction if you have advanced stage gum disease and your teeth are loose. To avoid the chance of infection, we would prefer you to have our dentist extract them rather than pulling them out yourself.

Why Do So Many People Get Their Wisdom Teeth Pulled?

When you get your third set of molars in your late teens or early 20s, there’s a good chance one or more of your wisdom teeth will be trapped under the gum line or come in pushing against another tooth. We don’t need these molars anymore and most of our jaws are too small to accommodate them. If you need wisdom teeth extractions, please call our office to set up an appointment. The American Dental Association suggests having wisdom teeth extracted if they cause jaw pain, partially erupt, or you frequently get decay because the wisdom teeth are difficult to clean properly.

Will a Dentist Extract a Tooth When Your Teeth Are too Crowded?

Dentists can relieve crowding with tooth extractions, primarily in perpetration for orthodontic work. If you’re looking for a dentist who can make necessary extractions as painless and stress-free as possible, please call our office to schedule an appointment.

What Are the Normal Instructions After Getting a Tooth Pulled?

Our dentist will send you home with a gauze pad to stop the bleeding after a dental tooth extraction. The bleeding usually stops after about 45 minutes. You’ll have a list of things you cannot do for the first few days after an extraction as those activities can dislodge the blood clot necessary to heal the extraction site. Your dentist will tell you how to deal with the minor discomfort and swelling you’ll feel, and he or she will suggest you rinse with salt water several times each day.

What Tooth Extraction Healing Time Should I Expect?

If you have a dental extraction, avoid any strenuous activity for one to two days to help the site heal. It should heal enough by the second week to resume your normal diet. Molar extractions and surgical extractions take longer to heal.

If you have a severely decayed, damaged or infected tooth and need a tooth extraction in Falls Church, please call us at (703) 935-2878 to schedule an appointment with our dentist.

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