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All About Falls Church, VA

Situated just a few short miles from Washington, D.C., Falls Church, Virginia, is a quaint and thriving city with many distinct features that appeal to both residents and visitors. Of course, it’s known for being close to the all of the sights and sounds of the capital, but Falls Church also boasts numerous attractions of its own, including plenty of restaurants and shops, parks and trails, museums, and theaters. And for those looking for an experienced dentist, Falls Church, VA, is also home to an office of Dental Associates of Northern Virginia.

History of Falls Church

Before colonization by Europeans, northern Virginia where Falls Church came to be was populated by Native American tribes including the Tauxenents, Patawomekes, and Matchotics. Historians surmise that Europeans settled in the area in the late 1600s, although land records haven’t been discovered to corroborate this theory. Indian trails were established in the area, which later became significant transportation routes. In 1734, The Falls Church was founded where two Indian trails intersected. The church name came from the Little Falls of the Potomac River, which was considered the first barrier when navigating the Potomac. Important colonists such as George Washington, George Mason, John West, and Charles Broadwater were vestrymen of The Falls Church, which gave the community around it its name. In 1948, Falls Church was officially incorporated as a city.

About Our City

Falls Church is a comparatively small independent city, just slightly more than two square miles in size. The population of Falls Church is nearly 14,000, so it manages to have a small-town feel while also offering residents and visitors plenty of services, amenities, and year-round activities. The official boundaries of Falls Church don’t include some of the areas that have been counted as parts of the city, such as Seven Corners and East Falls Church. Falls Church topped the list of richest county-equivalent places in the United States in 2011.


Falls Church weather is pleasant for many months of the year. Falls Church usually has around 200 sunny days each year, with May, June, and September being the most pleasant weather months. Annually, Falls Church gets an average of 44 inches of rain and 20 inches of snow. The warmest month of the year in Falls Church is July, with an average high of just above 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The coldest month is January, with an average low of 24.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Things to Do in Falls Church, VA

Falls Church has 14 municipal parks with features such as lighted basketball courts, trails, play equipment, and grills, so there are plenty of places to relax outdoors. Walking tours of the city are also enjoyable; try a Victorian walking tour or a trek along the Civil War Trail.

The historic Falls Church is a must-see for anyone visiting the city. The Cherry Hill farmhouse is another great place for history buffs; it’s an authentic farmhouse that dates back to 1845. The city of Falls Church now owns the farmhouse, and it’s open for tours.

Another attraction worth visiting is ArtSpace Falls Church, which is the community’s center for the arts, with an art gallery and a theater where professionals perform dance, music, and theater productions. Music-lovers should also check out the upcoming events at the State Theatre.

Where to Eat

Those hankering for a specific cuisine are likely to find it at one of the many restaurants in Falls Church, VA. Eateries in the city range from classic American to Chinese, Italian, Indian, Vietnamese, Thai, and Mexican. Sweetwater Tavern is known for both its exceptional food and comfortable ambiance, and the on-site brew pub promises an excellent selection of craft beers. Feed your cheese addiction with a decadent grilled cheese and some “totchos” from Spacebar. Sample some excellent Neapolitan food at Pizzeria Orso. Or check out Present if you’re in the mood for Vietnamese cuisine. The pace is a little slower at this restaurant, which ensures that you’ll enjoy every bite of your meal.

Where to Stay

Falls Church, VA, has a variety of hotels at different price points to fit every budget. Major hotel chains such as Marriott, Westin, and Hampton Inn operate in Falls Church, but there are also local options like the quaint English Garden House bed and breakfast or the charmingly retro Governor House Inn. And vacation rentals offer visitors the opportunity to rent a house, condo, or apartment in the city, settling in to really experience the unique style of Falls Church.

Where to Find a Good Dentist in Falls Church, VA

Whether you’re a resident or just plan on staying a while, if you’re here long enough, you’re likely to find yourself in need of a dentist in Falls Church. City dental practices are just about everywhere, but few can match the quality of care you’ll receive at Dental Associates of Northern Virginia. As a prominent Falls Church dentist, we offer comprehensive services including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and orthodontics. With the top dentists in Northern Virginia on our professional team, patients can feel confident about receiving their everyday care from us, including dental exams, cleanings, and treatment of tooth decay and gum disease. Those in need of a Falls Church dentist offering more advanced treatments such as endodontics, extractions, periodontics, and even TMJ therapy can also receive the care they need from our skilled professionals. And it’s not hard to find good dentists in Northern Virginia when you need cosmetic services: We offer procedures like in-office bleaching and porcelain veneers, too.

Contact us today to book your appointment at our Skyline office: We’re accepting new patients, and we’ll also help you determine whether we accept your insurance. When you need to find good dentists in Northern Virginia, we’re only a phone call away.

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