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As one of the premier providers of Invisalign in Fairfax, we are proud to offer the most accurate and detailed information about this innovative alternative to metal braces. Invisalign systems are an entirely new way to correct teeth misalignment without the discomfort and metal parts used for traditional braces. Here are some essential facts every patient should know about the benefits of Invisalign.

How the Invisalign Clear Braces System Works

Unlike metal braces that require wires, brackets, and adhesives to secure these materials to your teeth, Invisalign fits over your teeth tightly to put pressure just where it is needed most. These innovative plastic trays are virtually see-through, making them a discreet way to correct orthodontic problems quickly and effectively. These transparent braces can be removed at any time during your Invisalign treatment to allow brushing and flossing.

Dr. Michael Rotter helps patients with restorative dental care, general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry.

Should I Be Worried about Invisalign Cost?

If you are concerned about the cost of Invisalign in Fairfax, we can help with affordable options that suit your needs and your budget perfectly. Your Invisalign braces cost will vary depending on the type and duration of your treatment. In general, however, Invisalign treatment costs are comparable to those associated with metal braces. We will work with you to lower the total expense of Invisalign and to ensure the most flexible payment options possible for you and your family.

How Long Is the Total Invisalign Treatment Time?

The Invisalign length of treatment will vary depending on how much movement is needed to correct your bite and on how faithfully you wear the Invisalign trays during your course of treatment. Most Invisalign regimens last between 10 months and two years, with one year being the most common length of time needed to achieve stunning results. Your dentist may recommend Invisalign retainers for use after your Invisalign treatment is complete. These dental appliances can provide added support for your teeth in maintaining their new alignment.

Speed Up Invisalign Treatment in Fairfax with PROPEL Orthodontics Technology

Dr. Rotter is excited to offer PROPEL Orthodontics to patients who want even faster results with their Invisalign treatment. PROPEL technology stimulates bone remodeling and allows the teeth to move more quickly to their ideal position.

By using the PROPEL system in addition to Invisalign aligners, Dr. Rotter can reduce the amount of treatment time by 50%. In some cases, it can take as little as four months to achieve the desired teeth straightening results. The PROPEL Orthodontics technique is completed in just a few minutes; patients are able to resume their normal activities immediately.

The PROPEL Orthodontics system is ideal for people who want to see their teeth straightened quickly. Many people ask to add PROPEL to their Invisalign treatment when they have an important event coming up, such as brides preparing for their wedding day, students getting ready to graduate and go on job interviews, or business professionals planning to give a presentation.

If you’re interested in learning how PROPEL Orthodontics could speed up your Invisalign treatment, ask us during your complimentary Invisalign consultation.

Our Invisalign Dentists Make the Difference

We employ the most experienced and knowledgeable Invisalign dentists to ensure that you receive the best treatments for your orthodontics and dental needs. Our dedication to quality patient care can provide you with greater confidence when investigating your orthodontic options in our area. From your first comprehensive consultation and evaluation to your final appointment with us, you can expect the best from our team of Invisalign dentists and dental professionals.

Features of Invisalign vs Braces

When comparing Invisalign vs braces, you should consider a number of factors and features of both types of orthodontic correction:

  • Metal braces can provide stronger correction for severely misaligned teeth.
  • The transparent appearance of Invisalign trays can allow patients to enjoy greater confidence in social and professional situations.
  • Brushing and flossing are much easier with Invisalign than with most traditional braces. Just remove the tray during dental hygiene tasks and then replace it when you are done. It’s that simple.
  • Traditional braces can limit the types of foods you can eat. Invisalign requires no such restrictions and provides the greatest flexibility for your daily diet.

For most people, Invisalign is an excellent alternative to traditional metal braces and offers significant benefits for teens and adults alike.

Invisalign Benefits vs Benefits of Braces

Some of the most important Invisalign benefits include the following:

  • A brighter and more beautiful smile, even when correcting imperfections in your bite and alignment
  • Added confidence when carrying out your daily tasks
  • Easy care and cleaning for your teeth
  • The freedom to eat the foods you want when you want
  • Reduced discomfort compared with the wires and metal brackets used in traditional braces

Invisalign is an effective and safe way to straighten your teeth and improve your looks while remaining confident and self-assured throughout the process.

Is Invisalign for Adults or Kids?

These advanced dental methods are ideal for teens, adults and anyone else who needs teeth straightening without the discomfort and self-consciousness sometimes associated with metal braces. While extensive realignments may take considerably longer, most patients can benefit from Invisalign treatments.

Does My Insurance Cover Invisalign?

Many dental plans do incorporate Invisalign insurance. Even those plans that do not specifically cover the procedure often pay for some or all of the associated procedures, allowing you to manage your Invisalign cost with insurance more effectively.

After Your Treatments Are Complete

Because the trays used in the Invisalign system are designed for easy removal, most patients do not experience a major change in their lifestyle or their appearance after Invisalign treatments are complete. This allows for an easy transition from nearly invisible Invisalign trays to beautifully aligned natural teeth.

Watch how Invisalign works here.

To learn more about Invisalign, give us a call or stop by our offices. We look forward to the chance to work with you. Call us today at (703) 596-0875 or book an appointment online.

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