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It’s usually best to keep your natural teeth, but there are cases where a tooth extraction is unavoidable. If we can’t preserve your tooth, our dentist will make sure your extraction procedure is as comfortable as possible. After a thorough examination, we’ll be able to recommend a treatment plan customized to your situation. If you need a simple extraction, we’ll do our best to ensure you’ll be in and out quickly too. Give our office in Fairfax a call for more information.

What’s the Average Tooth Removal Cost?

We base our patient’s tooth extraction cost on factors like: whether they need a simple or surgical extraction, dental insurance coverage and how difficult your tooth is to remove. Our patients all have unique needs, so there isn’t an average cost. Please call our office and request an appointment. Our dentist can examine your tooth and then let you know our fee to pull it.

What Is the Difference Between Surgical and Simple Extractions?

Dentists perform simple extractions when the tooth is fully emerged from the gum. They loosen the tooth and pull it out after numbing the area. It is a simple, fast procedure with minimal healing time. Oral surgeons typically perform surgical extractions when the tooth is trapped under the gum or broken off. They must make a small incision to reach the tooth and remove it. Healing times are longer with surgical extractions.

Are There Times When Dentists Can’t Save a Tooth?

In a perfect world, we would save every patient’s tooth. Unfortunately, there are times when we can’t save badly decayed or severely fractured teeth, even with a root canal. There are other times when our dentist will remove a tooth, such as those loosened by advanced gum disease or one so badly infected that there is a danger of the infection spreading.

Will a Dentist Suggest a Tooth Extraction for a Severely Decayed or Damaged Tooth?

Our dentist will see if it is possible to save the tooth before recommending an extraction. If the tooth has to come out, he or she will perform a quick, nearly painless extraction. All you’ll feel is a little pressure as our dentist rocks the tooth back and forth before pulling it. Once the tooth is pulled out, our dentist can suggest tooth replacement options.

Would a Child Ever Need a Baby Tooth Extraction?

Some baby teeth refuse to fall out even when the adult tooth is trying to emerge. Our dentist can remove it if necessary. He or she may also suggest pulling a baby tooth which is badly decayed or infected. Our dental team excels at putting young patients at ease. Please call us if you believe your child needs an extraction.

Is Getting a Tooth Pulled Inevitable with Advanced Gum Disease?

It’s not inevitable; however, if the disease has damaged your bone, the tooth may move in your mouth, causing you pain when you talk, bite or chew. If this happens, our dentist can stop the pain by extracting the loose tooth.

Can Dentists Pull Wisdom Teeth?

If you’re in your late teens or early 20s, your third set of molars, called wisdom teeth because of the age at which they first appear, may have emerged from your gums. If you’re lucky, they came in straight and you don’t experience any problems. This does not always happen, mostly because many of us have jaws which are too small to hold extra molars. If you’re like most young adults, your wisdom teeth emerged crooked or have not completely emerged from the gums. When this happens, they can push against your other teeth and cause problems. Our dentist can extract emerged wisdom teeth or refer you to an oral surgeon if the teeth are impacted.

Will Dentists Pull Teeth Before Orthodontic Work?

If you’re getting braces, you may need teeth extractions to ensure there is room for the remaining teeth to move into alignment. Extractions before orthodontic work are common; our dentist excels at making them as stress-free as possible.

What Are the Instructions After Having Tooth Pulled?

When you have a tooth pulled, you’ll receive a list of instruction for caring for your extraction site. It’s very important not to disturb the blood clot which will form at the site. Typically, you can’t drink through a straw, smoke or create any suction which could pull the clot out for at least 24 hours. You’ll also learn how to handle any swelling or discomfort you may experience.

How Long Will My Tooth Extraction Healing Take?

We advise you to take it easy for the first 24 hours after your dental extraction. The site should heal in a week to 10 days. Surgical extractions will take longer to heal.

Please call our dental practice at (703) 596-0875 for a stress-free tooth extraction in Fairfax.

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