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Are you having persistent pain in one or more of your teeth? If so, you may be in need of a tooth extraction. While the thought of getting a tooth pulled is a frightening one for many people, you can rest assured that our practice has plenty of experience in performing this routine and virtually pain-free procedure.

How Much Will a Tooth Extraction Cost Me?

The cost of having a tooth pulled depends on whether you need a simple extraction or a surgical extraction. It will also vary according to how complex the tooth removal process will be. Many of our patients are provided with coverage for dental extractions under their dental insurance. Contact your insurance company to find out what kind of benefits you are entitled to.

What Will Happen During My Oral Surgery Extraction?

If your tooth is hidden under the gums, you will be referred to an oral surgeon for a surgical tooth extraction. This type of surgery requires the surgeon to open up the area of the gums that the tooth is trapped under. The tooth will then be removed. If your tooth is located above the gums, your regular dentist should be able to perform the extraction with a pair of forceps.

When Is it Necessary for a Dentist to Pull a Tooth?

Our practice is dedicated to doing everything that we can to repair a tooth. However, many cases of severe decay, traumatic injury or advanced periodontal disease make it impossible to save a tooth. The following situations sometimes require us to remove one or more teeth.

What Will the Dentist Do to My Severely Decayed, Broken, or Cracked Tooth?

Before deciding whether a tooth that has been cracked, broken or decayed should be pulled, your dentist will see how far the damage to the tooth extends into the tooth. If it goes beyond the middle of the tooth, he or she will likely recommend a tooth extraction. Your tooth pain will disappear after the procedure has taken place. The dentist will also recommend various tooth replacement options so that your teeth don’t slide out of place.

Why Does My Child’s Baby Tooth Need to Be Extracted?

Many people wonder why it becomes necessary to have a baby tooth pulled. While these teeth fall out on their own, children who have extensive decay or infection in their teeth sometimes need to have baby teeth removed. Baby teeth are also removed when they are blocking an adult tooth from coming in the correct way. Our dentists have lots of experience in handling children and their unique dental needs. Contact us today to schedule your child’s dental extraction appointment with us.

Why Are Teeth Pulled When a Person Has Advanced Gum Disease?

Periodontal disease is one of the primary causes of adult tooth loss. This is because the disease attacks the ligaments that hold teeth into the jawbone. When this happens, it can be incredibly painful. If your gum disease is causing your teeth to become loose, your dentist will probably recommend that you have your teeth extracted.

Why Does My Dentist Want to Pull My Wisdom Teeth?

Did you know that the wisdom teeth typically grow in during the teen or early adulthood years? This extra set of molars can cause problems for many people. This is due to the fact that many people don’t have space in their mouths for an additional set of molars. Wisdom teeth that are left in place can cause issues like bone damage, infection or crooked teeth. To avoid these issues, your dentist will recommend that the teeth be removed. Visible wisdom teeth can often be taken out at your dentist’s office. Wisdom teeth that are hidden beneath the surface of the gums will need to be take out by an oral surgeon.

Why Is it Sometimes Necessary to Have Crowded Teeth Extracted?

If you’ve been referred to an orthodontist in order to receive braces to treat your crowded teeth, you will probably need to have one or more teeth extracted. This is so that you have plenty of room in your mouth for the braces to move your teeth into a straight position.

What Will Happen After My Tooth is Removed?

Our team will provide you with a set of tooth extraction healing instructions. These instructions will require you to stay away from strenuous activities for at least 24 hours, possibly more depending on the complexity of your procedure. You will also be given a list of other things you should not do, as well as instructions for any discomfort, pain or swelling that you may encounter after your extraction. It is important that you follow all instructions given to you. This is so the site of the extraction can form a blood clot and properly heal.

How Fast Does an Extraction Site Heal?

Most teeth extractions tend to heal within a week. It is important to understand that the healing process takes a little longer if your case was a more complicated one involving the molars or oral surgery extraction.

To learn more about how a tooth extraction in Alexandria can help to rid you of your tooth pain, get in touch with our staff at (703) 596-0872.

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