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Laser Dentistry in Vienna, VA

A comfortable alternative to the drill.

Don’t let fear of the drill deter you from proper dental care. Many Dental Associates offices offer laser dentistry–a form of dentistry that harnesses the power of a light beam to do the work of a conventional drill. This type of dentistry is available for many common dental procedures.

When is laser dentistry a good option?

Laser dentistry can be an effective way for you to get the dental procedure you need without the usual pain and discomfort. Common laser procedures include preparing teeth for fillings, removing decay, treatment of oral lesions or infections, and improving the effectiveness of teeth whitening products.

How laser dentistry works.

Laser dentistry focuses a narrow, but extremely intense beam of light. When this light energy makes contact with your tissue, it causes a reaction, either removing or reshaping it.

What to expect during a laser dental procedure.

Before treatment by a trained Dental Associates laser expert, you will be asked to put on protective eyeglasses to prevent the laser light from damaging your retina. During treatment, you may notice an absence of the usual noise present with a traditional drill. Instead, you’lll hear occasional suction noises as your dentist works. This will be the laser device suctioning air to keep the treatment area clean and cool. Most patients find they require less local anesthesia with laser procedures and notice less bleeding, swelling and discomfort than with traditional dental methods.

Suitable treatments for laser dentistry.

Although the drill still can’t replace certain dental devices, laser dentistry is becoming widely available and gaining greater acceptance for a wide range of procedures. These include:

  • Performing biopsies
  • Enhancing whitening treatments
  • Treating root canal infections
  • Treating canker and cold sores
  • Treatment of gum disease and gum inflammation
  • Certain treatments for wisdom teeth
  • Making impressions for crowns and certain other procedures

Treatments not suitable for laser dentistry.

Laser dentistry is not yet suitable for all dental procedures. Hopefully, this will change as the treatment gains wider acceptance among those who fear the drill. For now at least, laser dentistry may not be appropriate for procedures such as filling cavities between teeth, bridge preparation and removal of defective crowns. Ask your Dental Associates dentist whether she or he recommends laser treatment for your next procedure.

The safety of laser dental treatment.

When used properly by a trained practitioner, such as those at Dental Associates of Northern Virginia, laser treatment should be as safe as treatment with any other dental device. Always make sure you protect your eyes from prolonged exposure to the laser beam. Otherwise, lasers provide a number of distinct advantages over traditional treatment methods.

Benefits of laser treatment.

First and foremost, the intense beam of the laser typically results in a more precise treatment. Aside from this precision, laser treatment is generally more comfortable for the patient. Most patients require less anesthesia and remain more relaxed during their procedures. They also tend to experience less discomfort and a faster recovery afterward. Other distinct advantages of laser treatment include less bleeding and a reduction in bacteria.

How to know if laser treatment is right for you.

Your Dental Associates dentist will recommend the appropriate treatment for your needs based on the type of procedure required. If you have concerns about an upcoming treatment, or you feel uncomfortable with a conventional dentist drill, ask about the possibility of a laser alternative. Your dentist will let you know whether this is an appropriate option for your needs.

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Thank you for great service
Zhenhua R.
I have been very satisfied with the dental care that I have received from Dr. Leiner for over 30 years. He is extremely capable.
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Good doctor with good bedside manners. Attentive crew. Efficient front-desk service..
Debasis N.
I’ve been seeing Dr. Leiner for almost 11 years. Him and his staff do high quality work, and Dr. Leiner goes out of his way to take care of his patients. I also used Dr. Leiner for veneers […]
Troy A.
Excellent service. Love Dr. Leiner.
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I love Roza and Dr. Ellenbogen. Both are gentle and thoughtful with their work, and make an another-wise fearful patient very at ease. This has made me take much better care of my teeth overall, […]
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You have a very clean and modern office and especially the friendly, caring, and gentle people who were very kind and welcoming to me.
Susan R.
Dr. Ellenbogen can save your teeth.
Janis (.
Fantastic dentist, it’s very convenient to my work and they are very accommodating and able to schedule me early in the morning before I have to be in the office. I normally hate going to the […]
Julia S.
I really enjoy being a patient here at Dental Associates of Northern Virginia. The staff are wonderful and my dental care has been great so far. I am so grateful. There is more work to be done for […]
Che S.
The staff was so friendly and the hygienist and dentist were both amazing. Made the commute from Leesburg. The commute was nothing to finally find a great dentist!
Peggy H.
I always feel welcomed when I come for my appointments. From the time I walk in the door and am greeted by the front desk personnel and my experience in the dental chair is always professional and […]
Steven C.
Always a great experience when I have to go in to the Tysons office – the staff and Dr. Lebonitte are great! Even though I’d rather not be poked around my gums :) They make the experience […]
Keith J.
The hygienist Roza Nooristany was very good, that is the best experience I had in Dental Associates so far.
Hong L.
Courteous professional service with the patient coming first at all times. Dr. Lebonitte is No. 1
Ken (.
Procedure began on time; was painless; and completed in a timely manner. Replacement of a cracked filling was completed in less than an hour.
Coulter (.
Hands down Dr. Lebonitte & his hygienist Nici are the best dental team around! I’ve had a couple crowns, fillings, and am currently in Invisalign treatment – Dr. Lebonitte does […]
Mina F.
Expertise and friendliness
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Great cleaning, friendly staff.
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This was a great experience. 10/10! Sherry was very nice and helpful. I definitely recommend going and the staff was great too.
Eric S.
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