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We Accept Dental Insurance Plans in Falls Church

A dental insurance plan provided by your employer is an excellent way to help you save money on essential dental health care services. These plans offer benefits that are negotiated by the employer and the insurance company. Employers frequently pay a portion of the dental insurance plan for their employees. This leaves you to pay your premium and whatever the dental plan does not cover. If you’re interested in finding a dentist that takes insurance, continue reading for more information.

I Need to Find a Dentist Near Me Who Accepts My Insurance. Can You Help?

Dental Associates of Northern Virginia in Skyline accepts a number of different dental care plans from a variety of insurance providers. Our staff members are experienced in filing claims with these companies. If you’ve found yourself stating, “I need to find a dentist in Falls Church by insurance,” we’re here to help you. For more information on the types of insurance we accept, call us at (703) 935-2878.

Can You Tell Me How to Use My Dental Insurance with a Dentist in Falls Church?

While it’s important go to a dentist who accepts your insurance plan, it’s also important to understand the benefits that are available to you through that plan. Although you may use the same insurance company as someone else, your benefits and the amount covered may vary depending on the agreement made between your employer and the insurance company. The best way of knowing what benefits are available to you is to get in touch with your current insurance provider. You can ask them directly, “Is there a dentist near me who accepts my insurance?” You can also discuss the following topics with them:

  • Co-pays and visit fees
  • Invisalign® coverage
  • Deductible limits
  • Wait times for procedures
  • Missing teeth clauses
  • Frequency of dentist visits
  • Dental implants coverage
  • Pre-authorization policies
  • Coverage for cosmetic or orthodontic options
  • Annual minimum and maximum benefits
  • Coverage for high-quality materials

Your insurance provider can also help you determine whether your plan is a PPO or HMO. PPO plans offer flexibility in choosing your dentist, but also require a co-pay for every visit. If you have a PPO plan, you will have to choose a dentist that accepts PPO insurance. HMO plans typically have lower premiums, but require you to choose your dentist from the insurance provider’s pre-approved list. These plans require you to choose a dentist that accepts HMO insurance.

After you’ve discussed the details of your plan with your insurance provider, we can help you with any other questions you may have about how that plan impacts your treatment options. We’ll also work closely with you and the insurance company to make sure you receive the coverage you’re paying for. Keep in mind, that even if you find a dentist in Falls Church by insurance, you may still have to pay some out-of-pocket expenses. Dental Associates of Northern Virginia in Skyline is willing to work with you in paying these additional costs through one of our flexible payment plans.

You’re Just a Phone Call Away from Quality Dental Care

The next time you ask, “Which dentist takes my insurance?” know that Dental Associates of Northern Virginia in Skyline is the answer to that question. We help our patients to maintain their dental health in an affordable way. If you’re in need of routine or urgent dental care, call us to schedule an appointment.

Dental Insurance Plans

We accept most insurance plans and will be happy to help you understand the coverage that you have.

We will do our best to see that you receive your maximum insurance benefits for all covered services. No Insurance? No Worries! See our discounts and offers here.

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Been a patient for 34 years and am very happy with Dr Butts and the new hygienist Charlene
Barbara S.
I had extractions and Doctor Paul Harris was wonderful about it.
Shirley Y.
Dr. Butts, his oral hygienist, and office staff are the most professional, personal, and helpful of any dental practice i have used. Dr. Butts is not just a dentist, he is an artist. I have had […]
Russell L.
I have been a patient of Dr Lebonitte and his team for close to 20 years. My children grew up in this dental practice and my husband is also a patient. We’ve referred many folks and […]
Lori J.
Dr Fishman is great and his front desk is savvy and friendly!
D. B.
I love Nicole, she is my favorite hygienist to go to!!
Goni D.
I find Dr. Fishman to be a very competent dentist, and I appreciate that he tries to be conservative with treatments and procedures, rather than diving in to the most invasive (and often, costly) […]
Jessica P.
Every one is so wonderful and thoroughly professional, never had any thing to complain, not just this visit, but every time I have been there in the last 4-5 years.
Lachmandas K.
I recommend everyone to Dental Assosiates. I’ve been a patient of Dr Butts for 30+ years and wouldn’t go anywhere else.
Robert M.
Been going here for years and have always received great service
Robert C.
Knowledgeable dentist and hygienist.
Ruey C.
I have been coming to dental Associates with my children for over six years.. we have seen many of the dentist and hygienist there. Our last visit was more of an emergency as my 6 year old fell and […]
Jessica A.
I, and my family have been going to Dental Associates of Northern Virginia for more than 20 years. We enjoy the friendly service and couldn’t be more pleased with the excellent workmanship.
Lynn R.
Love Dr.Lebonitte and his team. Nicki is the best
Bleona D.
Dr. Fishman provides the best care, and no one can ask for any more.
Todd T.
I have been seeing Dr. Fishman for many years now, and he’s just a fantastic dentist! He’s very personable, and doesn’t push any special treatments or procedures on you. He will be […]
Ronald L.
Dr. Harris is extraordinary in his care for my family. He resolved a very complicated dental implant situation that no other dental office near or far could even begin to figure out. We experienced a […]
LeRoy F.
Dr choudhary and his assistants are so amazing. They were very helpful and kind..they answered all of my questions! Friendly front desk staff, and Judy is so sweet!
Ali A.
The respectful and efficient attitude of the staff speaks very highly of their work ethics. The administrative team delivers the sterling performance required to create a great support team making […]
Esther G.
Dr. Butts is an excellent dentist and the other professionals and staff are professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. They are excellent.
Theresa B.
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