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Emergency Dentist in Falls Church

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Medical Emergencies

If you are experiencing a MEDICAL emergency,
please dial 911

Dental Emergencies

If you are experiencing a DENTAL emergency during regular business hours:
call (703) 935-2878

Do you have a painful toothache? Does an uncomfortable sense of pressure in your mouth create a desperate need for relief? Do you find yourself wondering, “Where can I find an emergency dental office near me?” If so, we can help. Our emergency dentists in Falls Church have experience treating a wide variety of conditions, alleviating patients’ pain, and treating the cause of the discomfort.

Where to Locate an Emergency Dentist

If you’re experiencing dental pain, you’ve likely asked the question “Where I can receive emergency dental care near me?” Fortunately, the answer is just a phone call away. Open during regular business hours, our emergency dental office provides comprehensive care for toothaches, fractured teeth, wisdom tooth discomfort, and more. Our skilled emergency dentists in Falls Church work to diagnose the condition, eliminate pain, and discern whether additional treatment is needed.

What is Included in Emergency Dental Services?

Any dental care that immediately relieves a patient’s pain or discomfort is considered emergency dental care. Whether you’ve accidentally broken a tooth or lost your crown, our emergency dentists can help. We provide comprehensive emergency dental services during regular business hours, which include:

  • Treatment for aching teeth and other causes of pressure and oral pain stemming from decay or injuries
  • Emergency tooth pulling
  • Emergency repair for broken, chipped, or cracked teeth
  • Pain management for wisdom tooth discomfort and swelling
  • Restoration for lost fillings and crowns
  • Relief for orthodontic pain due to broken brackets or misplaced wires
  • Treatment for dental infections

When Emergency Dental Care is Absolutely Necessary

I can’t decide if I really need immediate dental care. When should I contact an emergency dental office near me?

Many conditions require immediate dental care. If you’re experiencing any of the following, call our office to schedule an emergency dental appointment.

Fractured and Broken Teeth

Broken or fractured teeth can constitute an emergency. If you’ve broken a tooth, cover any jagged edges with dental wax and schedule an appointment with our office as soon as possible. Failing to receive treatment right away can lead to further structural damage.

Bumped-Out Teeth

Emergency dentists can often restore knocked-out teeth if patients receive care quickly. If possible, locate all tooth fragments and clean them using warm water. Be sure to hold teeth by their crowns only. If you need additional instructions, contact our emergency dental office.

Toothache Pain and Pressure

Severe toothache pain or pressure should not be ignored, particularly if you have a fever, earache, or other symptoms. Schedule an appointment with our office immediately if you’re experiencing an intense toothache.

Sensitive Teeth

While minor tooth sensitivity may not be a dental emergency, a tooth that suddenly becomes sensitive could be infected or fractured. Seek treatment right away for a tooth that is extremely sensitive to the touch.

Dental Cavities

When tooth decay builds up, large cavities can form. The dental decay (cavities) exposes the tooth’s root, causing severe pain. Our emergency dentists can help alleviate your pain and treat the source of the cavity.

Tooth Abscess

Tooth decay, trauma, and severe gum disease can lead to an abscessed tooth. This extremely painful condition causes severe tooth pain and sensitivity, bad breath, and swelling around the neck. If you suspect your tooth is abscessed, seek care from our emergency dentists immediately.

Dislodged or Missing Fillings

Lost or loose fillings can cause tooth sensitivity and pain, and can even make your tooth more vulnerable to damage. If your filling is loose or missing, call us to book an emergency dental appointment.

Broken Tooth Crowns and Lost Restorations

Broken crowns or lost restorations can leave the affected teeth more susceptible to damage or decay. When you visit our emergency dentists in Falls Church, you’ll receive a temporary or permanent solution that restores your smile.

Orthodontic Injuries and Pain

Many people with braces experience orthodontic pain or injuries. At our office, our skilled emergency dentists can relieve discomfort and stabilize your braces.

Tooth Enamel Damaged by Nighttime Grinding

Over time, tooth enamel worn by teeth grinding can become painful. When it becomes a major problem, emergency dentists can create nightguards that will ease your grinding. They can also reinforce the damaged enamel.

Sinus Pressure

Tooth pain and sinus pressure can sometimes be related. If you’re experiencing sinus pain that is accompanied by a toothache, call our office for urgent dental care. There may be dental complications, such as an infection or impacted wisdom teeth.

Managing a Serious Dental Emergency

I am concerned that my dental condition is serious. Should I look for emergency dental care near me, or call my doctor or 911?

Severe dental conditions often require more specialized care than an emergency dentist can provide. If any of the following symptoms occur, call 911 or visit the closest hospital emergency room:

  • Extremely swollen face or gums
  • Severe bleeding from the mouth
  • Trauma to the face, jaw, teeth, or head

What Does Emergency Dental Care Cost?

Like any personalized dental care, your emergency dental care cost will vary depending on what treatment is needed. The type of procedures performed and whether you require additional care will factor into the total cost. Our dentists accept a number of payment options, including most major credit cards and insurance plans. To learn more about how you can receive affordable emergency dental treatment, call our office to explore your financing options.

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I have been coming to dental Associates with my children for over six years.. we have seen many of the dentist and hygienist there. Our last visit was more of an emergency as my 6 year old fell and […]
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They try to do something so that I don’t leave the office in pain
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Dr choudhary and his assistants are so amazing. They were very helpful and kind..they answered all of my questions! Friendly front desk staff, and Judy is so sweet!
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Great dentist, great dental hygienist!
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Been going here for years and have always received great service
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