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Oral Hygiene in Fairfax, VA

Great oral hygiene in Fairfax sets the foundation for lifelong oral health. With a good home care routine and regular cleanings from our office, you can obtain a clean and healthy smile.

What Does Oral Hygiene Mean?

The practice of keeping the teeth and gums free of plaque and other harmful debris is known as oral hygiene. Great hygiene begins with professional cleanings from a dentist or dental hygienist, which clean in areas that cannot be reached by home brushing and flossing. However, maintaining dental cleanliness at home is also important. Getting into the habit of brushing and flossing daily can help prevent severe dental problems from developing.

Healthy Teeth Tips

Taking great care of your teeth and gums may be easier than you think. Follow these simple oral hygiene tips to get started:

  • Brush along all surfaces of your teeth using a toothbrush with soft or medium bristles
  • Use dental floss at least one time each day
  • Select dental health products that include fluoride
  • Avoid cigarettes and other tobacco products
  • Cut down on sugary beverages and foods
  • See a dentist regularly for professional cleanings and exams

If you have additional questions about tooth hygiene or wish to make an appointment, give our office a call.

Why Is a Dental Hygiene Routine Essential to Good Health?

Taking just a few minutes to practice good oral hygiene in Fairfax can make a world of difference when it comes to your dental health. At home, it’s important to brush twice daily using a toothbrush that is the appropriate size for your mouth. Soft-bristled oscillating brushes are a great choice for many people, as they are gentle on the gum line and enamel. Your dentist can help you select the toothbrush that meets your needs. In addition to brushing your teeth, floss should be used to remove debris from between the teeth. Your dentist may also recommend the use of mouthwash to combat bacteria and decay. Call us today if you have further questions about beginning an oral hygiene routine.

How Can I Help My Kids Establish Good Dental Habits?

It’s never too soon to start teaching young children about the importance of dental hygiene. Dental checkups should begin after your child’s first birthday and continue throughout his or her life. At our office, we strive to help children feel comfortable by using a variety of behavioral and positive reinforcement strategies. If your child is struggling to follow oral hygiene instructions at home, be sure to ask your dentist about ways to make the experience more enjoyable. There are many dental products on the market that are geared toward children, including colorful toothbrushes and flavorful toothpastes. You can also reward your child with a tooth-friendly treat or a fun activity after a job well done.

How Can I Keep My Teeth Clean and Healthy Throughout My Life with a Routine?

If your goal is to improve your dental health, you might be wondering how to get started. The first step is to schedule an exam and cleaning with our office. Only professional dental cleanings and exams can ensure your dental health. Even if it has been some time since your last dental visit, it’s never too late to establish healthy habits. Many problems caused by poor dental hygiene can be reversed or improved when diagnosed by a dentist. Your dentist can also show you the best way to care for your teeth at home.

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Definitely the entire staff from front office and billing to dentist and all dental associates. Everyone is so positive, helpful, and pleasant!
Cindy V.
Wonderful dentist who does very good work, and a caring staff who make the visits pleasant. I only wish I had discovered Dr. Greenspan earlier, he would have saved me a lot of grief.
Kelly H.
I have been going to Dental Associates at Fair Oaks for a number of years now. Anna Sweeney is my Dental Hygienist and she absolutely excellent! She checks my teeth over very carefully and then she […]
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Everyone was so nice & polite. My dental hygienist was super sweet. My dentist was so honest and nice.
Tuyet C.
Good service provided on time as scheduled.
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From front desk to doctors, top notch practice.
Lori M.
The great care and professional staff.
Susan M.
Always pleasant and professional and very careful to be certain patient is not in pain!
Denine S.
Dr. Greenspan and the staff at Dental Associates are awesome! While most people hate to go to the dentist, this place makes the experience as enjoyable as possible. The work done by Dr. Greenspan is […]
Kristine K.
I had a great experience and didn’t have to wait around to see the dentist or dental assistant.
Duane R.
I love Dr G who has been my dentist forever and his assistants are wonderful too. he always listens to me.
Phyllis M.
The knowledge and professionalism of Dr. Schecht and his staff.
Michael P.
Dr. Rotter is a consummate professional while putting his patients at ease. He has provided my husband and me excellent care, and provides explanations and suggestions for your dental care. Also, the […]
Linda S.
Dr Greenspan is so nice and gentle. Such a great dentist.
Nicole H.
a very pleasant atmosphere, and display of genuine interest in patient care.
Lawrence J.
Dr greenspan
Andrew W.
Dr. Greenspan, Anna, and all the office staff are terrific.
Suzanne S.
Nice people. Professional care
Guy R.
I enjoy Jackie my hygienist and Dr. Schecht. I have known them a long time now and they really make me feel appreciated. The rest of the staff I encountered was also polite.
Kelly T.
Service is prompt, courteous, efficient, and excellent work. I have been going to Dr Schecht for many many years, and would recommend him to anyone. Thanks!
Harry M.
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