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When the simple act of smiling makes you feel self-conscious, both your personal and professional life can suffer negative effects. Broken teeth, yellow stains, or unsightly gaps don’t have to be a permanent part of your life. Professional cosmetic dentistry can provide a perfect solution.

Why Is Cosmetic Dentistry the Solution to Your Smile Problems?

Maintaining good dental health and hygiene isn’t always enough to keep smile looking its best. Your family dentist can ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy, but even healthy teeth can be unattractive. This is especially true if you have metal fillings, worn restorations, gaps between your teeth and stubborn stains from coffee, tea, or smoking. A cosmetic dentist restores the appearance of your teeth to give you the radiant, healthy-looking smile you once had. In fact, even if you’ve never had a perfect smile, it’s not too late to get one. Modern dental techniques and materials give your cosmetic dentist innovative ways to correct flaws and restore teeth.All the while preserving as much of your natural tooth structure as possible, which produces long-lasting and natural-looking results.

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Our providers perform a number of cosmetic dentistry procedures to make our patients’ smiles look their best. We can remove stains through in-office bleaching, place implants, or create bridges to fill gaps caused by missing teeth and more. Here are the professional cosmetic services that we can offer to help you achieve your perfect look:

  • In-Office Bleaching
  • Lumineers®
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Take-home Whitening kits

Does My Dental Plan Pay for My Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dental procedures are considered elective and non-essential by the vast majority of dental insurance companies, so in most cases, your plan won’t cover them. Some elective procedures also improve tooth function or health meaning these may be exceptions in terms of receiving coverage. Contact your insurance company directly to determine if your cosmetic procedure makes you eligible for partial coverage. Some companies offer special cosmetic dental plans or discount plans. To explore your treatment and payment options, contact us to schedule a professional dental consultation.

What Are My Resources for Cosmetic Dentistry Near Me?

Finding great cosmetic dentistry in Fairfax is easy; just give us a call. The highly skilled and experienced dentists and technicians at our cosmetic dental office can ensure that you get excellent treatment and the results you desire. At your consultation, your dentist will carefully evaluate your cosmetic needs, work to understand your desired outcome, and offer a treatment plan. You’ll be able to discuss your concerns and obtain more information about the treatment process, including its preparation, recovery time, anesthesia options and more. To get started, call us today to schedule your appointment.

Cosmetic Dentistry Cost and Your Budget

It’s not as difficult to obtain affordable cosmetic dentistry as you might think. Our cosmetic dental office is committed to helping you fully understand your treatment and financing options. We’ll work with you to find the perfect solution for your smile and your household budget. Don’t settle for a sub-par self-image. Let us change your appearance and your outlook with a brilliant new smile.

Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique

A breakthrough treatment for gum recession.

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In-Office Bleaching

There have never been a greater number of effective methods for getting brighter, whiter teeth from your dentist. Whether you’re looking for convenience, dramatic results, or something simple to use, our Dental Associates professionals in Northern Virginia offer all the […]

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Lumineers® are a type of veneer applied directly over your existing teeth. In most cases, the process can be completed in just two dental visits. First, your dentist will match the Lumineers® to your existing tooth shade and make a […]

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Porcelain Veneers

Don’t let gaps, stains or other imperfections in your teeth make you feel less like smiling. A Dental Associates dentist in Northern Virginia can recommend veneers to correct the problem.

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Take-home Whitening kits

There’s nothing like a whiter smile to brighten your day. Whiter teeth are not only more pleasing to the eye, they can also boost self-confidence and make you appear more professional. Your Dental Associates of Northern Virginia dentist will help […]

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Service is prompt, courteous, efficient, and excellent work. I have been going to Dr Schecht for many many years, and would recommend him to anyone. Thanks!
Harry M.
I love Dr G who has been my dentist forever and his assistants are wonderful too. he always listens to me.
Phyllis M.
Diedra was outstanding. Would highly recommend her to any friend or colleague who was thinking about using your services.
Richard L.
Friendly competent staff
Lucy B.
Friendly efficient staff
Debbie M.
Service is very good at each visit!
Angela I.
Dr. Rotter is a consummate professional while putting his patients at ease. He has provided my husband and me excellent care, and provides explanations and suggestions for your dental care. Also, the […]
Linda S.
Wonderful dentist who does very good work, and a caring staff who make the visits pleasant. I only wish I had discovered Dr. Greenspan earlier, he would have saved me a lot of grief.
Kelly H.
Thank you so much for the superb work on my brother, James’s, teeth. Your caring approach put him at ease and your expertise in repairing his teeth was amazing. Thank you so very much!
James P.
Everyone from the front office staff to the dentist and assistants is so pleasant, patient, and helpful. I haven’t been to the dentist in several years and if my experience at my prior dentist […]
Cindy V.
Dr. Greenspan and the staff at Dental Associates are awesome! While most people hate to go to the dentist, this place makes the experience as enjoyable as possible. The work done by Dr. Greenspan is […]
Kristine K.
Very professional, honest service.
Janice K.
Great personal care from front desk staff to the dentist and his chair side assistant. Also from Maria taking the time to say hello to me.
Ellen S.
Definitely the entire staff from front office and billing to dentist and all dental associates. Everyone is so positive, helpful, and pleasant!
Cindy V.
So friendly and thorough
Leah P.
I enjoy Jackie my hygienist and Dr. Schecht. I have known them a long time now and they really make me feel appreciated. The rest of the staff I encountered was also polite.
Kelly T.
Everybody is so nice and very good at their job! The entire office is great.
Talya K.
Everything is good. Drs are caring and staff are attentive.
Xueling Z.
Wonderful and professional service
Linda L.
Super friendly, very professional, and very careful with their patients to have a pain free visit
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