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Brushing Your Teeth is Fun: Ways to Make Your Child Enjoy Brushing Their Teeth

Raising a child is not easy, but it is rewarding to see your sons and daughters grow up into healthy, well-functioning adults. Of course, making sure that this happens is a full-time job for parents, and you have to get your children to practice healthy habits that they will carry with them for a lifetime if they are to succeed in this world. It is not easy to get kids excited about developing these habits, especially when it comes to dental care. Kids often drag their feet when it comes to tooth-brushing and flossing, not to mention going to see the dentist for a routine checkup or for work such as having a cavity filled. There are ways to make this job easier and get your kids more excited about tooth-brushing, however. When you do fun activities with your child or access exciting lessons about tooth-brushing, your son or daughter will be happier to brush their teeth every time it is time to do so. Parents and dental organizations have developed several fun tooth-brushing activities to help you convince your children that brushing their teeth is both healthy and exciting. Using a variety of these exercises is recommended if you want your children to be highly motivated to brush their teeth and practice the best dental care techniques.

  • Seven Tooth-Brushing Tunes Kids (and Parents) Will Love: One of the best ways to get kids excited about brushing their teeth is to sing a song about teeth and dental care. Don’t fear that you won’t be able to listen these songs about brushing teeth without getting sick of them; they are enjoyable for children to sing and adults to hear.
  • Brush DJ App: It will be much easier to get your kids excited about brushing their teeth with this app featuring the Brush DJ. This free app is designed to help make kids see tooth-brushing as a fun activity and helps them make sure that they brush for the recommended two minutes.
  • Brush Those Teeth Game: You will have a great time playing this game about tooth-brushing with your child. It is especially geared for younger children, and it features the characters from Sesame Street.
  • Brush Time: Brush Time is a free, downloadable tooth-brushing program that is designed to help kids get excited about brushing. Although it is often used in a school setting, it is also a good resource for parents to use with their children. You and your child will have fun with this program.
  • Dental Math and Science: Kids are often more likely to be excited about brushing their teeth and other aspects of proper dental care when they can see for themselves how sugar affects their teeth. Click on this link and scroll down for math and science activities that will demonstrate why it is so important to brush that sugar off of our teeth.
  • Find a Fun Toothbrush: There are seven ideas on this page for making tooth-brushing time more fun and exciting for kids. Of particular note is the advice to find a fun toothbrush for your son or daughter. Just click on the link and scroll down to the first idea for more information on why a fun toothbrush is so important for helping kids develop good tooth-brushing habits.
  • Make Brush Time Fun Time: Here is another free app that can help make tooth-brushing less of a chore for you and your children. The app includes fun songs, dances, and instructional videos that will help your little one develop the habits that ensure good dental care.
  • Sugar Bug Blast: This game featuring Barbie lets a child pretend that they are a dentist and work to kill sugar bugs on their patients’ teeth. Pick out the right tools and act quickly to keep the patient’s smile healthy! In so doing, the player will be reminded of the importance of tooth-brushing and other aspects of good dental care.
  • Toothman Game: Here, the goal is to defeat the Plaque Monster by guessing words related to dental care. This Hangman-like game is a fun way to learn!
  • Watch and Brush! It’s important for kids to brush their teeth for two minutes each time they brush, but it can be hard for them to stay focused on their dental care for so long. You can watch these two-minute-long videos with your kids while they brush to be sure that they have spent the right amount of time on their teeth.


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