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Maintaining the health of your teeth and gums is essential to achieving a radiant smile, no matter what your age. Practicing good oral hygiene at home and visiting a general dentist in Burke for regular cleanings and checkups is the first step in achieving excellent dental health.

General Dentists: Who Are They?

While some dentists choose to concentrate on one branch of dentistry, general dentists provide comprehensive care that helps patients maintain their teeth and gums. A general dentist acts as a primary dental care provider for both adults and children.

What Would a General Dentist Do?

General dentistry focuses on ensuring lifelong dental health for patients of all ages. To keep your smile healthy, your dentist will conduct oral exams, take X-rays, place tooth fillings, and perform other necessary procedures. You’ll also receive a dental cleaning at your routine dental checkup. General dentists can also address oral pain and other issues related to the teeth and gums.

Our General Dental Services

General dentistry services include treatments, procedures, and exams that help patients achieve a healthy smile. At our general family dentistry practice, we offer a variety of services to meet your needs. These general dentistry services include:

  • Bad Breath Treatment
  • Customized Sports Mouth Guards
  • Dental Bridges
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Dentures
  • Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy)
  • Extractions
  • Full Mouth Reconstruction
  • Periodontics (Gum Treatment & Surgery)
  • Porcelain Crowns
  • TMJ Therapy

How Often Should I Visit the Dentist?

There are several factors that determine how often you should see a general dentist, including your age and the condition of your teeth and gums. Our dentists recommend that healthy patients visit our general dental office every six months.

What Is the Cost of General Dentistry?

Every patient has a unique dental situation. Therefore, the cost of a dental visit is different for every person. Call our office to determine how much your first dental visit will cost.

How to Make a Dental Appointment

Have you ever wondered, “How do I make an appointment with a general dentist near me?” If so, you’ll find the answer through a simple call to our dental office. One of our staff members will help you set up an appointment that works for your schedule.

How Long Will My Dental Appointment Last?

Typically, routine checkups and follow-up visits last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Patients who require more complicated procedures may need to book a longer appointment.

Preparing for Your Dental Appointment

Before your appointment at our dentist general practice, create a list of all your current medications and medical conditions. It also helps to research your insurance coverage details and to arrive on time. If you experience dental anxiety, let us know. In many cases, we are able to help patients relax during their visit.

What Can Happen If I Avoid the Dentist?

Early detection is key when it comes to most oral health issues. Failing to visit a dentist for proper oral care can lead to more complicated dental issues that are costly to repair. When you visit a dentist regularly, you’ll decrease the odds of needing time-consuming, expensive dental procedures further down the road. Take control of your dental health – call us today to schedule an appointment.

Bad Breath Treatment

If you’re concerned about bad breath, talk to a dentist at Dental Associates of Northern Virginia about treatment. In some cases, halitosis, the clinical name for bad breath, doesn’t respond to the usual remedies such as antibacterial mouthwashes or special […]

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Customized Sports Mouth Guards

You’ve probably heard the expression, ”Put your money where your mouth is.” Nowhere is this truer than when playing sports. Medical and dental care resulting from a direct hit to the mouth or the loss of a tooth can be […]

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Dental Bridges

Gaps due to missing teeth not only impact your self-esteem, they can also affect your bite and the placement of your remaining teeth. This is why it’s important to get appropriate dental care to fill the gaps left behind by […]

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Have you lost teeth due to decay, age, or gum disease? Our affordable dentures in Burke may be a solution to restore your smile and confidence. Read on to learn more about denture treatment and discover whether it might be […]

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Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy)

In many cases, a root canal, more appropriately called endodontic treatment, is the most effective way to save a tooth that has become decayed, infected, or traumatized in some way. Rather than extract the offending tooth, endodontic treatment removes the […]

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Having a tooth pulled may not be pleasant, but it’s often necessary–either to make way for a permanent tooth, or when a tooth becomes infected, decayed, or otherwise jeopardizes your health. Our Northern Virginia Dental Associates dentists provide affordable and […]

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Full Mouth Reconstruction

If you have severe dental problems that make you feel uncomfortable about your smile or the way you look, your Dental Associates of Northern Virginia dental professionals can help. Whether your problem is the result of gum disease, TMJ, tooth […]

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Oral Hygiene

Do you want to experience the benefits of a clean, sparkling smile? If so, it may be time to see a dentist about oral hygiene in Burke. Taking great care of your teeth and gums can prevent cavities, gum disease, […]

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Periodontics (Gum Treatment & Surgery)

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, affects more than three-quarters of all Americans over the age of 35. This number includes those exhibiting symptoms of any phase of the disease–from early stage gingivitis and beyond.

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Porcelain Crowns

Do you want to mask a misshapen tooth or preserve a decay-damaged tooth? Dental crowns may be a good option for you.

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Sleep Apnea Treatment: Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT)

Sleep apnea prevents 18 million individuals from getting quality REM sleep. That’s millions of people driving on the roads or operating heavy machinery while they are drowsy.

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TMJ Therapy

It’s estimated that ten million Americans suffer from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome, a common condition affecting the joint that connects the lower jaw to the skull. TMJ typically causes pain in the jaw, face, and neck area that may radiate […]

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Dr price, Madeeha, Holly, and all the staff at Dental Associates make dental care friendly and easy. They have been welcoming and accommodating to patients, in treatment and scheduling. Everyone in […]
Rob E.
The entire staff is awesome! The receptionists are always so friendly and knowledgable. Dr. Price and his assistant (DeeDee) are efficient and quick, but thorough. I always feel very comfortable […]
Toni R.
I love my dentist and her assistant
Christina R.
Professional treatment Best attitude of staff Tidyness Best scenery of compound from the room Overall friendly & professional service
Worku G.
Staff was very professional and friendly! Dr. Price was amazing! He explained in detail what I needed done and answered all my questions. Didn’t feel rushed! Would definitely recommend!
Hollie S.
incredible patient care and treatment. The entire staff was awesome
Richard A.
Good care and professionalism.
James C.
Always a gteat experinece from reception to exit. And now with the new beautiful space there are really no negatives.
Mahelet M.
GREAT service and GREAT workers in the office.
Tony R.
Great care; concerned staff; helpful navigation of insurance/costs
M B.
Great staff! Everyone is so nice and helpful. Never had bad experience with them. Been going there for over 5+ years and always recommending friends to go there. Love this place!
Dang D.
Caring warm easy to get an appointment friendly
Anthony L.
Fantastic service!! The people here are extremely friendly and supportive. Julie is an amazing dental hygienist. I’ve never been a huge fan of going to the dentist but they make the experience […]
David P.
Friendly , Helpful, & good Service
Stephan P.
Julie is a great hygienist. She’s professional, cordial and very good at what she does. I’ve been a patient it in this practice for many years and wouldn’t go anywhere else.
Suzanne D.
Super tidy and bright office, amazing staff and friendly environment, always had a great experience.
Summiyah R.
Dental Associates’ Staff has always been very pleasant and caring. And I have always been well pleased with their service.
Rita Q.
As soon as I walked into the office I was greeted by staff who are extremely friendly and welcoming. I was seen on time by the hygenist and was seen promptly by Dr. Price. The process as a whole was […]
Francisco P.
Dr. Price and his staff members are great! They answer all my questions about my Invisilin, and got great outcome.
Leteberhan W.
Dr. Madeeha was very kind and helpful to me and my family!
Maryam R.
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